Employment Mastery & Empirical Career Success


The job market and employment scenario, is getting tougher as time goes on. 

Between doing this or that - securing that payrise, or promotion - you always have colleagues and "higher ups" in the way.

Not anymore with this ritual.

This ritual can also work for those who possess investment and business channels by tweaking what is not working and expanding more into abundance, however it is predominantly used for those who are in employment and want to keep moving up. Bound to Mammon and Clauneck, this ritual allows you to achieve the following 

  • Raises
  • Bonuses
  • Promotions
  • "Favoured treatment"
  • Climbing the ranks at work
  • Effortless holiday pay and approvals for PTO fast tracked
  • Empowered mindset
  • Perks of a steady job (things such as days out, meals paid for, expenses, healthcare etc)

Never go to employment war and leave things to chance. Only YOU have your best interest at heart - always remember this.

The career domination you are looking for, is absolutely necessary and with this ritual - you will begin to see a tremendous shift in your approach and attitude to money, and receiving it through various channels in your job.

The Spirits, always - always deliver.

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