Sometimes you have tried to knock on all doors, and not receive a single answer. You're at a place where you require the help and you're willing to keep an open heart and mind to where your money originates from...

This working will manifest a multidimensional cube of pure, raw, and untouched universal energy. This is for any level of money. It can be as small as £100, to amounts in the millions. Only YOU know your own situation.

And on that very cube, from all six sides; Energies that cater to different areas of financial help will be radiating from it; Inheritance, Gambling, Gifts, Profit, Discovery, Assistance, and Manifestation.

No matter what the situation, this cube will bring forth energies for you to bring the money you need.

All this simple working requests you to do, is stay patient and know that money is energy and energy is always freely available. 

This affordable investment to allow ANYONE to access the POWER OF THE PURPLE CUBE will allow you to use this rapidly and multiple times to move yourself forward when you most require it. It will place you in the right time and at the right place to be in RECEIPT. 

It is only your job to step up and claim it.

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