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30-Day ‘Done For You’ Wealth Kickstart Bundle For Entrepreneurs To Uplevel Your Wealth Perspective From Average to AMAZING Without the Stress, Fear or Confusion

This explosively created bundle has been specially designed for the driven individual who:

  • Knows wealth is not a luxury, it is a necessity

  • Is ready to do the inner emotional work to embrace a WINNING mentality

  • Wants to embrace genuine wealth consciousness

  • Desires true power, bold confidence, and life changing intensity

  • Is ready for personal accountability and is willing to face the TRUTH

  • Is prepared to TAKE ACTION on new wisdom provided to them

  • Wants to burn HOT in their presence of PERSONAL POWER

Is willing to commit, work hard and let go of anything not working in their life so they can step up to claim their TRUE SELF!


The Chessboard Wealth Strategy Will Help You:

  • CULTIVATE STRENGTH AND POWER - Ignite your latent inner red flame and welcome in a new way of thinking

  • EMBRACE SUCCESS CONSCIOUSNESS - See things from a winning lens and always focus on opportunities and not barriers 

  • ENHANCE YOUR INNER EMPIRE - Unlock your creativity, passion, and drive to put you on the correct path in life 

  • INCREASE YOUR ABILITY TO WIN - Put yourself forward for things you once feared and watch your esteem soar

  • ENJOY HIGH OCTANE ENERGY - Wipe your aura clean and feel clear, strong, and bold in achieving all your goals

  • RADIATE MOTIVATION AND DRIVE - Enjoy the head turning glamour and receive compliments on your energy and intensity

  • ENJOY the excitement and abilities of being able to switch your money reality by how you think

Create the WINNING IRON RING mentality, confidently and boldly. Create the mentality of the person who is simply disinterested in losing, and unavailable to do so.



Summoning King Clauneck Spiritual Consultation

King Clauneck, found in the Grimorium Verum, classed as the Astral Accountant and keeper of the Spirit Treasury. 


Using my connection to the Goetic Being, Clauneck, the Spirit of Wealth and Business/ Commerce Domains, I will answer five questions about your business strategy/ professional life on how to generate and retain money as well as anything else about your life. Clauneck is known for his professional and life changing guidance on shifting and transforming your perspective into true wealth consciousness and a winning mentality.


Keys to the Wealth Kingdom Audio Class

Magnetising money to yourself originates firstly from confidence. Confidence is simply having the skill and the ability to do something with power, based on PAST results. 


Money has its own set of rules. Most people never grow up privy to these invisible rules, which are created by the energetic frequency of money. It is impossible to magnetize money to yourself when you are not aware of the unconscious scarcity vibration you are broadcasting into the ether. Money is a responsibility - one many are not emotionally, mentally and spiritually equipped to handle.


In order to attract money into your life, there is only so much financial planning, budgeting, and saving a person can do. If an individual is not aware of how the rules of money work, they will spend a lot of their time spinning their wheels.


These hidden rules are broken down for you in a quick, implementable fashion to get you moving rapidly and FAST. By using the wisdom of this audio, you will be ready to embrace the IRON RING MENTALITY OF GENUINE WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS THINKING.


Winning: Create the Life You Deserve Through Charm, Magnetism, and Strategy

Nadia Arain's forbidden knowledge and emboldened, provocative guidance reveals the many hidden secrets those who win at life use. From alchemical influences to bold, outrageous and arresting situations created by the individual, WINNING is a practical guidebook for those who wish to use Clauneck, the Astral Accountant and Treasurer's advice to create a life they desire fearlessly and unapologetically, all on their own terms.


Wealth Magnetism: Build Your Inner Empire, Growth & Prosperity Magickal Rite

The Art of Business is more of a science. A science that can be carefully calculated through opening the portals and the channels of time and space for your ideal clients/customers to find you. 


Your Inner Empire, is necessary to build the foundations of your business. Without it your natural intuition will not be able to guide you in the correct direction to allow all your goals and dreams to fall into place. You will feel chaotic, overwhelmed, and tired.


In the modern age, most business owners/entrepreneurs are simply looking for anyone to do business with. The marketplace is noisy and standing out in an online age has never been trickier. People hire consultants, coaches, mentors or advisors only to find themselves STUCK. These people provide surface level information but do not solve the heart of the problem.


Business Prosperity comes with growth. This ritual will allow for steady organic growth in your business, an abundance of ideas/projects that will align for you at the right time and inspire you to achieve all your financial & emotional goals with your mission. It will illuminate your MANIFESTO, detract wrong clients/prospects from you and over time, assist you to create your "inner empire".


This ritual is performed with powerful Arabian & Planetary Magick allowing your business MESSAGING to stand OUT, making all your business endeavours seamless and attract the best people for you. It cuts through the "fabric of noise" allowing your business’s radiant and magnetic energies to shine and thus allowing for true Success in both the metaphysical and financial realms. This ritual is a face-lift for your Business and will work with your MISSION DNA to elevate and expand your thoughtforms, processes, and ideas into BRILLIANCE.


Spartanite Regal Aura Cleanse + Chakra Polish

Business is a demanding endeavour and it is often pulling you in 10 directions at once. You can feel exhausted, anxious, and overwhelmed pretty fast. This cleanse rebalances, removes and sets your aura to its normal state, removing any spiritual grime, exhaustion or tiredness that you have accumulated through interactions with others and in low vibrational situations.


This energetic working will empower, embolden, and fortify you, aligning you to accept a new found regal confidence that few have access to. You will feel refreshed, renewed and shiny after using this. Life will flow calmly and you will possess increased focus and clarity in all your endeavours. Done over a period of time, you will raise your frequency to its highest point, ensuring that no toxic people, situations and places are aligned with your auric grid. Ideal for those who are Spiritually Sensitive, those who tune into other people’s negative energies, as well as those looking for a fresh boost in life!

King Clauneck is big on working with those who heed the call to step up and transform their mentality, ignite their inner fire, and embrace authentic change beyond what polite society expects them to be. 

It's YOUR time.

It's time to be AMAZING.