The Spartanite Vault Gold Mentoring Package

The Spartanite Vault Gold Mentoring Package

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Begin your empowered magickal journey and open the roads to Success!

Tired of feeling being confused and having an unhealthy relationship with money? Do you find yourself giving your power away only to feel beaten down? Exhausted of “experts” teach you how to “make more money and have a great life” yet still feel that something is missing, and it just never works for you?

It’s time you unlocked the hidden treasure and greatness deposited the Bank of YOU!

This incredible done for you package includes the following:


  • Cash Conjure Audio
  • Pre Wealth Audio Programme
  • Love Goddess Audio Programme
  • Wealth Spelling Audio

Magickal Items

  • Arabian Money Multiplier & Opportunity Manifestor Box
  • Solar Magnetism Leadership Enhancement Box
  • 2 Spartanite Masculine or Feminine Enchanted Bracelets of your choice 


  • Energetic Cord Cutting Ritual
  • Spartanite Road Opener Ritual
  • Spartanite Regal Aura Cleanse & Chakra Polish


  • King Clauneck Channelling
  • Birth Chart & Consultation

Signed Books

  • The 21st Century Spartanite
  • Wealth Magnetism
  • Goddess Empowerment