Spartanite Magnetic Venusian Glamour Ritual For Women


Venusian beauty, is exceptionally tempting and charming. Once it is seen, it can never be unseen.

For Ladies, personal magnetism is everything when it comes to your romantic life with a man.

Sometimes, you can look at women who have a charmed and composed way of dealing with them. Men seem enamoured, enthralled, and attracted to them; without any real reason. 

Their energy, is often the answer. 

This working allows your natural feminine glamour to shine through, making a very powerful and lasting impression on a man. It is no secret, that men are visual creatures and are attracted to what they see. This rite allows for primal magnetism and your natural seductiveness, to radiate; allowing you to have full command and control over yourself and how men see you.

Ideal for the woman who wants to radiate HOT, RED, FIERY, &,  IRRESISTIBLE GLAMOUR.  

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