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If you have trouble attracting clients who are willing to honour your services and what you what you deserve, it's because there is a wealth paradigm inside you that is not yet ACTIVATED. If You work hard but struggle to attract the money you know you deserve in your life, and most importantly, your bank account, know that there is HOPE FOR YOU. If you can bring in the money, however struggle to hold onto it -- BOLD MONEY MASTERY, IS FOR YOU.

This program is for the person who is tired of not understanding money, and frankly; having money run away from them. You have tried all the fancy courses, but you still feel something eludes you to get the CORE of money. Spartanite Bold Money Mastery, is about being bold with money itself. We live in a world of fang and claw where if you don’t pursue your dreams, they are all taken away from you. You will end up assimilating into a place where you end up listening to people who cannot play at the level that YOU require, and at a level that will assist you to master money in its actual flow.

You’re tired of seeing people who seemingly have less to give this world, win. You’re tired of seeing the Instagram stories, the “6 figure gurus” and did I mention, tired? You want to STEP UP AND WIN AT LIFE, A LIFE THAT YOU HAVE CREATED FROM YOUR OWN CALLING, following your OWN dream.

You may even be deeply searching for the TRUTH about money energy, the truth that you feel average business and money mentors, cannot provide. No matter where you are on your wealth journey you are in perfectly the right place and you're welcomed.

This home study program is ideal for you, if you wish to discover the OCCULT heart of money, and how to make it play by your rules, by being friends with it, first. 

You deserve to have a magnetic wealth aura as well as be bold enough to approach life from a confident, and empowered perspective.

It is suitable for the person who feels they are struggling to understand money, and how to have it flow towards them. It is ideal for those who are in Business, and those who want to become financially independent through starting a business. This programme helps you go deep into the understanding of shifting your mentality on approaching the money you currently have in a more positive fashion, to allow the flow to open up. Money does not have to be this complex or scary thing, when you have the correct tools to navigate yourself forward.


This program will take you through the 5 major areas that many people who wish to possess a deeper, healthier, and Spiritually based understanding of money, miss out on. We look at the real world issues that we all face, and most importantly, how to overcome these issues, on a basis on shifting your thinking. You can expect to achieve clarity, understanding, comprehension, A-HA moments, and a sense of true empowerment that money is always available to you.


In this special program, I will be covering the following :


  • What Is REAL Money Energy?
  • Scarcity And Wealth Consciousness & Achieving Financial Balance through The Iron Ring Mentality
  • Consumer Vs Producer Mindsets
  • Identifying and Eliminating Toxic Money Beliefs By Practicing “THE HAVING”
  • Babylonian Money Magick and how to break FREE from it


If you're READY to make REAL MONEY (+ a difference) minus the arrogance and bullshit that so often comes along with it, to provide lasting clarity and fire the latent DRIVE inside you -- BOLD MONEY MASTERY IS IDEAL FOR YOU