You are a man who has deep longed to unlock your divine masculine power, catapulting you from a mundane man, a man who simply has up-till NOW led an ordinary existence that will soon shift forth, to one of a KING.

A king is a man of ROYAL CONSCIOUSNESS, a man for whom doors open, entire tables shift, and banquets are laid forth.

You know deep within you, you are different, have been different -- and do not behave, think, and, feel as other "normal" men do. You have tried to hide your greatness alas being a Spartanite Man, is a special title you came to this world as a little boy, with. A pride that is yours exclusively to claim.

No matter how far you have come with your life, courses, books, coaches, and, seemingly "well-intentioned" advice you know something is missing to make YOU stand out.

That something, has always been YOURSELF.

You have lacked the knowledge and understanding of YOU, as a HUMAN AND A MAN.

In this 90 day transformation, you will come forth with a LIFE MISSION idea that you wish to work on in your career/business to incorporate into your personal life.

Details :

You will receive 3 X 90 minute video calls with Nadia, monthly, to discuss your deepest desires, gain rapid clarity, and have potent masculine magick work on your behalf. This will provide you UNMATCHABLE strength and command in the areas of charisma, attraction, regal power, intelligence, emotional equilibrium, boundaries, assertiveness, and, financial inspiration to rise you into your Kingly status.

You will feel mighty, confident, and, unstoppable within these WILD 3 months of your life taking you from what you knew was possible to a new road ahead.

Ideal for men who have roamed this world seeking that UPGRADE without the extra drama that modern living brings.

Are you ready to leave your normality behind in search of a better life?

Payment plans available.

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