MAISON - Double Sided Scarab 18K Real Gold + Turquoise - THE SEER


An elegant piece with fine gemstone and real 18K gold, Scarabs adore the sun as the life giver and are known for their great reverence of insight and wisdom in the lineage. 

Layered with magickal wisdom, you will come to find...

...Possessing insight into a situation, can often make your life 100X easier, than without. All wisdom comes from insight, a type of laser understanding into a situation and the deluxe cognitive ability to ascertain how a situation plays out. With this incredible Maison piece, you will possess assistance to gain hidden knowledge as well as ensure your decisions are sensible and smart. 

Many perish in this world from a lack of knowledge as well as a sense of innate compass. Allow this Scarab to guide you to pierce through the veil and see past the veneer and facade of what people wish to show you, instead of what IS.

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