After the EXPLOSIVE power packed rave review results of our Spartanite Enchanted Bracelets, we present to you our AUTUMNAL/FALL LIMITED EDITION pendant...

If you look at a woman who seems to radiate a MAGNETIC, CHARMING, & OBSESSIVE AURA, THIS IS FOR YOU.

She's got the beauty, the brains, the savvy, and the respected command. She's intriguing, stylish, and possesses Goddess power. Men seem hypnotised with her presence, her life feels "effortless", and you just wish you had even a quart of "whatever she has" to succeed at life...


Designed with the power of Goddess Innana, Queen of Babylonia, Goddess Lilith, The True & Original Rebelle, & Djinniya Lady Aisha Qandicha that rules over the primal, dark wild feminine, Electric Magnetism is your birthright and you deserve it. The force field of this enchanted pendant, will allow your regal attraction to SHINE to be seen by ALL. You will be guided to look your absolute best, and most importantly find beauty in simplicity, in a world where women try so hard to gain attention. People will be magnetised to your aura, and will want to be around you for as long as they can to have "whatever it is", to rub off on them.  

Inspired by the Royal Designs of the Russian Aristocracy and the lineage of the Czars, CHARM OPENS DOORS NO MAN CAN CLOSE. Compliments, Confidence, and Command; will all be yours. 

This pendant will make you fall deeply in Love with yourself, so much so, people will seek you out, and view you as a rare find. 

Which you are.

Hypnotic women, don't give their magickal secrets away. 

Until NOW.

We created THREE of these EXCLUSIVE masterpieces. 

This listing will either speak to you, or it won't. Either way, these pendants will find their rightful owners who crave the true magnetism and primal charm, they desire.

Are you one of the chosen ones?

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