IMMUNITY -- Creating A Genotoxic SHIELD of Protection


It comes as no surprise that we live in a world filled with positive ions from all electronic devices and we are swimming in immense amounts of radiation that is hurting us. Negative ions aren't enough and are only seemingly found in remote, nature filled, and peaceful areas.

Every second person, is struggling with this pollution including a range of symptoms such as : -



Joint aches.

Body Swelling up.

Cannot think straight.




Many things are happening in this world at present, and IMMUNITY helps damaged cells heal at a core level, as well as create an incredibly POWERFUL shield that keeps you safe from further mutations that can hurt you. Genotoxicity is having chemical and physical agents that creep into the DNA and harm you. 

IMMUNITY, creates a force field SHIELD that allows all the radioactive harm to keep on the other side of the barrier. 

Ideal for those who wish to keep their mental and energetic bodies, SAFE.

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