In order to be taken seriously in this world, Gravitas is required. 

It is a specialised form of presence that is a form of weight, seriousness, and, respect that is given to you upon the demonstration of your character and the strength it carries.

GRAVITAS, our latest Spartanite Man addition, will allow your word to be seen as the last and final authoritative word in the room as well as making you effortlessly charismatic and releases your Inner brave SPARTAN. 

The Spartanite Man can face ANY obstacles in his life with GRAVITAS by his side, unleashing a hidden torrent of the much needed courage, chutzpah, and, god-like energy he will be required to conquer his life with. With this special piece, you will have a tool to cut through all your "challenges" like a hot knife through butter.

Shouldn't that be you?..

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