Face Moisturizer

  • Renews tired skin with long-lasting effects
  • Leaves face feeling smooth & nourished
  • Improves appearance of skin elasticity
  • Infused with intense beauty magick
  • Also known as our Regenerative Moisturizer, our daily lightweight Face Moisturizer is a non-greasy, quick-absorbing cream that improves the appearance of your for a supple, healthier-look. Dewy, plump, and youthful skin is now officially within reach.
    With aloe-infused water and Hyaluronic Acid, blended with Vitamins E, C, and B, creates a powerful complex to lock in moisture.
  • Enjoy non-stop hydration for quenched skin, smoothing dull skin, and longer lasting results combined with mesmerizing beauty magick that stops people dead in their tracks. You will emanate charisma, charm, and goddess beauty with this moisturizer.

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