Inspired from the Heart Wall Clearing Line -- CELLULAR WEALTH is your one stop shop to clear your bloodline from money blocks, rips, tears, traumas, and, all the hidden limiting beliefs that hold you back, once and for ALL.

If you're tired of going on the merry go round of being STUCK at a plateau of money, no matter how fabulous (or not) your financial station of life is, this is for YOU.

People can offer you powerful money magick, attracting more business and sales, new jobs -- whatever.

And it all works when you work with it..

Yet nothing permanently STICKS and this is due to your own BLOOD tripping you up. 

You've been taught to BUILD on faulty foundations, however how do you expect the crops to grow in a soil that is not fertile and furthermore filled with bugs and weeds?

It should come as little surprise that most people on this planet struggle with money. They desire money and then ALL the limiting beliefs about it show up. This, that, and, the other. 

People have been TRAINED to look at the cost of something and never the value.

You will often find yourself thinking about money DIRECTLY the way your family and your parents do, and have done. No matter WHAT you're trying to achieve. 

Money is a bloodline issue, an issue so many people aren't really talking about. 

We do not just inherit what we physically look like and our habits from our parents, we inherit EVERYTHING that ancestrally our relatives have done with money, including beliefs, thoughts, resentment, joy, failure, success -- you name it, and it is IN your blood.


With this powerful financial set of clearings, both your maternal and paternal lineage will be cleared right upto 30+ generations back. 

  • Release ancestral blockages permanently
  • Rewire your energy body
  • Rewire your money blueprint and start afresh
  • Activate your money chakras and welcome a new life
  • Full report of all your emotions cleared

Part of the WEALTH series, and now available as a standalone service, Cellular Wealth Restructuring allows your body and nervous system to finally RECEIVE the money you have always deeply desired to have and enjoy!


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