We live in a world where "debt" can be crippling. The credit cards, the loans, mortgage, as well as other expenses. We feel almost chained to these agonizing amounts of money nagging at us. You want the vacations, the nice furniture, and the gifts for those you love. But you know that you're being chased by your responsibilities to pay these bills. Sometimes to the point where it reflects on your health. The fear eats at you...

"A working to eliminate my debt? How can that be -- how does that work?" You ask.

Everything in this very Universe is made of energy. Everything gives off energy. Your debt itself gives off energy, and it's energies are like a money magnet, Sapping at you, taking your happiness away, bit by bit...

The Twin swords of Jupiter is an ancient method used to eliminate money related issues.

By harmonizing Positive, and Negative energy, it is focused onto the issue, and neutralizes it completely by switching the roles. Making you the money magnet, leaving the debt stagnant, and unable to grow any further. By having this working placed into action, it will hold back your debt to a reasonable state, and bring money into your life to completely wipe it out. At the same time; Spirits of Jupiter will watch over you, and help you in bringing forth more money towards giving you the lifestyle that you want. 

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