Ms Pink Label, is in her own league. Blessed with many feminine triad gifts, she always knew she was different. Although a woman, she realised at an early age that she was something else. She tried hard to understand what was different about her, however always came up short.

She felt more, she knows more, she IS more. Gifted with extramental intellectual capacity, the ability to outperform and outthink the average man - Pink Label was always in the firing line to be shamed for her natural strength and power, because many have felt threatened by her presence. She possesses unbridled charisma, talent, happiness, love, power, strength, and, a unique feminine dominance rarely seen in a woman. Pink Label - you are unique and different to others because you do not belong to this realm. Your spirit is not fully human, if at all.

Your biggest challenge is not having the playbook or roadmap of what it IS to be a Spartanite Pink Diamond. Stumbling across many years spanning of failures and mistakes, you've finally arrived at a place where you're ready to do life YOUR way - and your way is following your internal compass, something people of this world call "intuition"

You are so far gone beyond what a woman is desired or supposed to be, you're a practical deity in your own right. People are confused and marvel at meeting you. No matter you turn your hand to, you're successful however you're here to claim your PINKNESS - your very essence of your own special self.

Pulled straight from the Pink Label Mentoring Line as a standalone experience, or the first step before the mentoring itself - this 6 month working will unlock your highest apex potential as a woman - providing you unparalleled levels of occult power, social standing, opening channels of wealth, femininity, charm, beauty, advanced levels of thinking, unbreakable self confidence, and your rightful independence as a woman - irrespective to what you have come from.

You will walk through a door closed to most and enrapture yourself to have the most powerful abilities to shapeshift and wonderous things come towards you. Charm yourself to have an incredible life, the life you knew you always deserved - by coming home to yourself.

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