Spartanite WOMB WALL CLEARING & Restoration Of PRIMAL FEMININE Power


For a Lady, the seat of power; lies in the womb. 

After a lifetime of negative messages, inferiority complexes, and people who drain you, your sacral chakra, can completely shut off. Major signs of this happening are blocked confidence in the areas of love for yourself, your feminine body, and giving your power away to people, and especially unworthy men who abuse, hurt, and do not value you as a woman. This can leave you tired, low, anxious, and places you in a place of unconscious victimhood, attracting this repetitive cycle, making it worse each time.

This piece of work, will deeply clear the sacral chakra of lack of worthiness, and stop the drain and bleed of power to other people. You will feel restored, and powerful as a woman in your own right. You will be able to spot situations that want to drain you, and stop giving them your precious time.

An ideal gift to yourself as a woman, or the women you love, after tough abusive situations, people taking your kindness for weakness, and general invisibility because you haven't learned to stand up and assert yourself well.

It's time to take back control over your own life.    

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