Pink Sapphire Trauma & Abuse Healing Bracelet

  • IDENTIFIES THE CORE EMOTIONAL WOUND | Trauma that you've processed. Including fear, shame, abandonment, loss, etc...
  • BREAK THE BONDS THAT TIE YOU TO THAT INCIDENT | That had colored your world view in pain, sludge and misery.
  • LIBERATES THE SOUL | Find your shine again, in a newly healed, happy version of yourself.
  • BRACELET IS IDEAL FOR THOSE WHO HAVE AFFLICTIONS | Complex PTSD, PTSD, bi-polar, borderline, sexual trauma, grief, passing away of a loved one/animal.

Trauma & Abuse, changes an individual’s mental, emotional, and cellular landscape. After a traumatic incident, be it emotional/domestic violence, interpersonal relationship situations (abusive relationships/marriage) to simple things like a car accident and/or a sudden grievance for someone close to you, life is never the same again. You retreat in your shell, haunted by dissociation, social anxiety, flashbacks, and anguish. If you’re tired of struggling within your own skin, lost, confused, alone, and feeling hopeless because of your situation, help is at hand.

Using the Planetary Threads of Solar, Lunar and Plutonian energies, as well as Bio-Vibrational Scalar Energies and Arabian/Chaldean Magick, this bracelet allows you to firstly identify the core wound of the trauma through Lunar Identification Energies, break the bonds that hold you hostage in the abusive situation as well as completely re-vamping your mental thought processes through Plutonian Transformation. 

The bracelet allows you to wipe out and eliminate the emotional trauma memories that even programmes like EMDR that are atypically associated with PTSD recovery, may not be able to reach to.

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