MAISON - Hieroglyphic Cartouche 18K Real Gold Pendant - The ICONIC IMPERIAL THRONE (with rituals)


Many people long for an extraordinary presence in this world, something that assists them to stand up and to have people pay homage to their existence, power, royalty, and, class. 

You know some people, don't you?

You have absolutely no idea how on Earth they can command people and sit in their Throne power, a power so unique to them that even passersby acknowledge their King/Queenly energy. 

The challenge with Imperial Throne energy, is many people in this world possess money and yet they lack PRESENCE. 

With this piece of art, that challenge of lacking presence - is LONG gone. 

You will be able to receive the MOST brilliant wealth generating ideas, have social class doors open for you, not to mention be blessed with the crafted ability to create your OWN life.

Your own life means that you will live GRAND and have your ambition and finances to match with it. You will understand LUXURY AND NOBILITY, in your soul without taking classes, courses, and, chasing clout to be seen as "relevant".

You will RISE as your OWN celebrity, possessing charm, eloquence, alchemical gnostic understanding of money, and, be able to step in your bold confident birthright of money and confidence (of course, our Spartanite tagline and afavourite of ours) to provide a sovereignty and ICONOCLASTIC POWER only the top echelons of society receive. You are able to do this in a safe and loving manner, a place where your ASCENSION to meet YOURSELF, is the most POWERFUL initiation you have ever received.

This piece comes with 3 rituals that will connect you to the pendant allowing the power to flow through you at will.

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