Lilith's Initiation is not for the average woman, neither is it for those who enjoy "normal living" where women are never seen nor heard.

The Goddess, is the FIRST woman in history, and rightfully so. Religion has made it a point to omit her name from fear and not informing women of their ability to stand up and have their own life. However Lilith, being the first wife of Adam, did not accept his unruly domination and control over her.

She expected to be treated as an equal and was banished from the gardens for demanding her respect. If you desire soul freedom and independence, Lilith will challenge you to become all you came to this world to be. This initiation provides the following :

  • You will pay and invest attention to your charm, sexuality, body, self-care, and, charisma.
  • Over time, you will have dramatic inner freedom and confidence as a woman.
  • All toxic men will be blocked and barred for your life. You will never be at the mercy of unhealthy, abusive men - their tactics, manipulations, and, desire to control you; will be futile.
  • Extreme value of your beauty and femininity and the ruthless abilities to protect and preserve them both
  • Strength to stand up for yourself, be assertive, and, have self-pride
  • Be a TRUE SPARTANITE and the master of your incredible destiny
  • Be recognised for the Queen that you are

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