Driven Determination & Raw Oceanic POWER Unisex Bangle Cuff


Be Brave. Be Fierce.

In a world where DETERMINATION and DRIVE, reigns supreme, procrastination is not an option.

If you're finding yourself lacking in enthusiasm, motivation, drive, discipline, and most importantly; Integrity to yourself, this is for you. Self Determination, is the difference between Success, and those who live an average life. When you are determined about a decision, you have increased levels of respect for yourself because you're willing to follow through what you set out to do.

Procrastination, is the silent thief of joys, and all winning mentalities.

Crafted with powerful Plutonian energy, this special piece unlocks the desire to overcome ALL obstacles with a Herculean energy that won't rest until you're DONE.

It works with the cycles of your body and mimics the current power surges of the ocean, to ebb and flow -- guiding you the best times to work and rest.

If you have specific goals you want to achieve in life, this UNISEX bangle cuff will ensure you're always on track with the powerful and commanding energies it helps you radiate. No longer will you ever feel lost, dazed, or confused about your goals or your achievements. Through restructuring your inner world, this piece allows you to be the LEADER of your destiny.

Be the master of Organisation, Self-Restraint, Power, &, Determination like never before. Radiate a supernatural strength to power through all your goals, overcoming confidence blocks and times where you may not feel "good enough" to rise to the occasion. 

Power is not given.

It's taken.

Are you ready to stand up and take yours?

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