Intellectual eloquence is often a timeless art rarely seen anymore. It is no surprise the more you are liked, the easier your life usually is, as a woman.

....and so what is allure?

Allure is a type of fascination and/or charm bestowed upon the onlooker. In your case, it is the one of the pink diamond. A Pink Diamond is often polished and showcased to perfection, She is spellbinding for a reason and all those fortunate to cross her path, fall deeply into a loving hypnosis with her. This working is a gentle glycolic peel of the soul. It scrubs away any toxic or unsightly traits others may find in you enhancing a delicious charisma; making people warm up to you.

The ultimate polish to warm people's hearts and minds to you. Be received well and spellbinding your diamond allure everywhere you go.

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