Spartanite Signature Aura Cleanse & Chakra Polish


Do you feel drained, tired and exhausted? Are you tired of attracting the same negative people, places and situations in your life, repeatedly? Fed up of trying every pill, lotion and potion to raise your energy levels and feel confident about your life? An Aura Cleanse is perfect for you.

Done remotely over the space of a week, this cleanse rebalances, removes and sets your aura to it’s normal state, removing any spiritual grime, exhaustion and tiredness that you have accumulated through interactions with others and in low vibrational situations. It will empower, embolden, and fortify you, aligning you to accept a new found regal confidence, few have access to.

You will feel fresh, renewed and shiny after this. Life will flow calmly and you will possess increased focus and clarity in all your endeavours. Done over a period of time, you will raise your frequency to it’s highest point, ensuring that no toxic people, situations and places are alignment with your auric grid.

Ideal for those who are Spiritually sensitive, tune into other people’s negative energies as well as those looking for a fresh boost to life!

Please email us your full name and a recent image of yourself.

This cleanse is performed remotely, done over the period of 5-7 days in which you may feel different type of emotions rise up out of your body. You may feel lighter, brighter and clear within 24-48 hours or if this is your first time, a bit of a delay as all the emotional heaviness will be purged through your crown chakra and your head may feel unusually heavy.

Please bear with this, as it is cleansing your whole system, as we polish and balance your chakras to perfection. You will begin to see the results of your aura cleansing as you keep up with it, as the months go by, eliminating all negative people and places out of your life, replacing it with plentiful opportunities and abundance. 

An e-mail will be sent over confirming the cleanse procedure going smoothly and completion.

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