Spartanite Money Wall Clearings - TRANSFORM YOUR APPROACH TO MONEY


After the explosive success of Sparty Heart Wall Clearings and our rave reviews about the light and brightness our clients experience, we bring to you the next in our series!

Always feel like something is blocking you financially?

Inspite of whether you have made a little or a lot, ONE pesky emotion can drive you round the bend and make you default back to where you began from.

You could have made crazy amounts and still have blockages to money from your lineage that will always throw you for a loop...

Tired of trying to have that eternal positive approach to money, that - je ne sais quoi, an inner relaxed carefree attitude of "money is always available" however those GENERATIONAL stories just won't budge?


You're in the right place!

This is probably why you are working so hard, the hustle is on, and no matter what you bring in, it never has feelings of peace and tranquility attached to it.

Most people always have some strife attached to money and with that said...

....did you know you can carry money trauma right up to 40 generations BEFORE YOU?

What does this mean?


Imagine all the stuff in your ancestral lineage blocking you round the clock, whereby you're meant to be free and open to both wealth and money! 

We all require money as the lube of life and a free flowing stream of it. Money is the most pure and clean energy that has been distorted over the centuries tainting it with negative emotions, to result into the world we are living in today. Most people end up attaching unsavoury feelings to money and hence the generational cycles continue.

With money wall clearings - you will be able to release all these unhealthy and dysfunctional emotions you may be conscious (and certainly may not be aware of!) to allow money as a clear steam of water to pass through the pillar you call, LIFE. 

You will possess a NEW found clarity and ease with money, a healthy nonchalance and abundance which stems from sovereign confidence.

This clearing is for 60 emotions. You will receive reports on the emotions cleared, what age they manifested at, where they were trapped, and what emotions from your previous lives, have been healed out.

Any additional walls will be cleared at a custom investment for you.

Please remember to drink LOTS of water and rest, after you invest in this special Spartanite work.

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