Money blocks are a real thing. 

Most people focus on "money manifestation" and how to be more attractive to money.

They may vaguely be aware that that they struggle with the relationship with money. I was once that way, and many of my clients have been :) It's a normal thing.

We're not taught financial empowerment to keep us stressed and controlled.

However, if at the ground level, the blocks aren't cleared, it's impossible to bring in what you're looking for.

In this special magick with Clauneck, Spirit of Wealth, Value, &, Merchant Finances, you will begin becoming comfortable inside the construct of money, having it approach you, and flood you with money making opportunities for you to "go forth and seize the day".

After all, Clauneck is a huge fan of CARPE DIEM!

It keeps you positive about money and removes the hidden scarcity blockages that keep you sabotaging yourself.

It's time you opened the doors to the flow of Wealth. 

You deserve it.

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