30 Day Trauma + Anxiety Clearing Timeline


Trauma is one of the major reasons that a person's life can go on hold. 

Your desires take a backseat, to this new caricature version -- a version of you that you struggle to cope with. A version of you that has no memory of what normal, SAFE, and, HEALTHY interpersonal dynamics look like anymore. A version of you, that you simply wish, gone because you're fed up of it "getting in the way"

You are not unworthy, ugly, dirty, useless, mad, bad, sad, crazy, hopeless, loveless, or, small. You have been traumatized, bullied, cheated on, lied to, abused, taken advantage of, and your energy body is EXHAUSTED and cannot cope anymore.

You experience anxiety, hypermania, racing thoughts, restless nights, the desperate need to be perfect, you find yourself unable to set boundaries, to speak up TRULY for yourself, hyperarousal, and your body is ALWAYS on edge because it is on red alert

Let US help you and help you shed the tiresome weight of what you have experienced...!

By leveraging the "timelines", you are able to bring joy, peace, and, happiness back into a life where you have seen nothing but feeling unsafe, chaos, and, destruction. A place of life where you have the courage, fortitude, and, strength to undergo clearings at a profound, FAST, and, deep level. 

You DESERVE to be the FULLY EMBODIED version of yourself. Fully in your power.

A new beginning.

A new YOU.

This is DIRECT energy leverage through the occult science of magick. You will feel INTENSE flashbacks of situations in life where you have been knowingly or unknowingly traumatized, feel the emotions for the VERY LAST TIME in that place, and close the timeline to feel peaceful and balanced in that situation.

This clearing will CALM your nervous system down and provide a much required relief of feeling light, harmonious, and, fresh.

There is life after trauma.

It's time you stepped up and claimed it for yourself.

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