For time Immemorial, it has been a challenge for a woman to remain feminine and embrace regal power. 

A woman is either considered, beautiful or intelligent. You are either this or that. People ask you to keep choosing and choosing diminishes you of your presence.

Why not allow us to help you be both? :)

If you're the traditional feminine, you're seen as girly, dainty, and, fragile. There is an element of "not being taken seriously".

If you're the powerful feminine, many people feel intimidated by your natural strength, command, intelligence, capacity, capability, speed, agility, and, power.

This can often make you shy away, confused, and wonder how to rise into LOVING feminine consciousness in healthy feminine strength. We are not shown healthy role models of women who are graceful and charming -- yet powerful and commanding. It is the true blend of the light and dark feminine elements.

You have the full right to walk this Earth by being the BEST feminine version of yourself, beautiful, intelligent, loving, kind, strong, sweet, powerful, graceful, elegant, and, capable.


This *magick does the following :

  • Allows you FULL expression of the type of feminine you are. You may be traditional, soft, primal, primordial, graceful, tender, elegant -- whatever your INNATE traits, this will allow you to shine naturally without making you feel you have to be "someone else" to be "considered" feminine.
  • Boosts your most beautiful traits, in personality and aesthetics. You will receive compliments on yourself in person, and your photos.
  • You will feel youthful, graceful, and, be in your flow
  • Your character and personality will shine as a balanced, well-rounded woman
  • You will naturally exude an air of quiet power and confidence
  • Makes you feel light, bright, and, assertive without feeling like you resort to aggressive or excessive masculine behaviour


*This is time release magick and you will be filled with grace, peace, confidence, strength, beauty, and, femininity. You will know where to set your boundaries, break the cycles of feeling co-dependent, inferior, or, timid and rise in your power in a strong, polished way.



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