A special consultation from HRH Lady Duchess Bune -- Goetic Spirit of Feminine Charm, Elegance, Regal Sophistication, and Goddess Allure.

Society and the mainstream (by intention and design) has taught young girls and women that to become headstrong and survive in the harsh male dominated world, we must too, become masculine minded: logical, brash, technical and for the most part, controlling, otherwise we will not be taken seriously.

Many women have followed this doctrine, much to the detriment of their Spirit, locking their feminine soul and voice away, and facing the inevitable consequences of this; not listening to the voice in their heart when they are in a presence of danger, closing their hearts off completely.

Goddess allure and charm are powerful, mystical, enchanting, elegant and refining. It is a dark (and almost dangerous and taboo for humans) and sensual refinement that magnetises others towards you.

Not all women have it as Bune states.. It cannot be wholly learnt and is a part of some lucky few. Anyone can have “charm”, but to have an enduring, classy, charm is equally rare. Many women try to embody the charm and allure, but end up looking cheap, whorish or plain mindless.

Being a woman is a privilege, and as a woman, you have the right to express and shine in all your feminine grace and radiance. It is your responsibility to wield your femininity to do good for others and to empower yourself.

It is NOT about control or manipulation, despite what society has toted.
It is not a weakness, it is a strength. Our society has conditioned us to believe it is a shameful weakness, hence why feminism has digressed from it's original understanding.

You may be overworking or pushing people away in an unconscious masculine manner and wondering why no matter why whatever you chase, runs away. You may feel tired, exhausted, burnout, as you're expected to do and be everything: a mother, a wife, a bread winner…  whilst many immature and unworthy "men" can be left to the entertainment and leisure of life, as today’s women stress about everything as their role increases. The gender roles have been reversed, and it's time to put you back into your FEMININE.

Join Duchess Bune in this incredible *consultation where she will shine light on how to heal your feminine blocks and rise into your power, stepping into your elegance and grace yet retain core strength and poise.

*This consultation can be used in perfect conjunction with Duchess Bune's Ladylike Rose Pendant and our BEAUTY & PINK LABEL endeavours.

Please email support@thespartanite.com with 5 areas/questions of your life you would like Bune's feminine guidance upon for this consult.

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