Amethyst Feminine Money Attraction Bracelet

  • ELIMINATE POVERTY CONSCIOUSNESS | That icky feeling of not having enough all the time
  • ALLOW YOURSELF TO SPOT VALUE IMMEDIATELY | See value in all situations, people, and places that would make you more money
  • ALLOW THE DOORS OF MONEY TO OPEN | Allowing you to become a money and abundance magnet

Wealth is elusive, even to the best of us.

You can find yourself chasing after money and getting nowhere. If you’re tired of struggling of feeling like “there is never enough” and want money channels to flow towards you permanently, this is for you. 

Using the Planetary threads of Solar, Jupiterian and FEMININE Lunar energies as well as Bio-Vibrational Scalar energy + Arabian Magick, this bracelet will allow you to spot value in people, circumstances and situations as well as act as a Universal money magnet, aligning you with wealth consciousness to welcome your abundant new life filled with opportunity and reward.

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