What am I here for?

What was I meant for?

You’re not here to just pay bills, and die. 

You’re here to LIVE.

Everyone has a destiny already written for them among the stars.

We may not remember what has been written (decreed), but life has provided us with hints and clues. Between our past lives and the destiny that has been chosen for this lifetime, many people go around looking for what their true life purpose is. 

This coolest thing about this shot, you ask?

It helps you notice life's patterns around you, allowing you to sit up and take notice of all those “funny co-incidences” leading you down your path! 

This will help you sense and see where fate is trying to lead you to. It will reveal your glory, your lifepath, your ULTIMATE TRUE NORTH TO YOU.

Mine is Spartanite. 

Let’s discover what yours is, with this burst of revelation!


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