Chronos, Saturn, Father Time -- may not be the hip hopper when it comes to MONEY however he knows a thing (or five!) about proper money management. Saturn's discipline and wisdom keeps people on the right track, irrespective of a little or large.

This INCREDIBLE ritual acts as a filter around you that nets out negative influences and allows healthy people, places, and, streams of creative income through. This ritual is IDEAL to strengthen people's ambition and resolve to hit the financial goals you have always dreamed of.

Saturnian influence is long lasting, and endurance based. The ritual binds all POSITIVE and LOVING aspects of money to you, to have foresight, discipline, and, patience in your financial aspirations. It keeps you grounded, humble, level-headed, and, minding the business that pays you first. 

Saturn with all his explicitness, detests waste, immaturity, childishness, show-offs, and low class cheap people upon whom the principles of true mature wealth are wasted upon (his words, not mine). 

This ritual is favoured to the mentally, emotionally, and, spiritually mature, who know how to keep their business private and low profile.

The black coin, over time, strengthens and allows you to make wise financial decisions on autopilot.

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