Hypergamy Accelerator


A sweetheart pink Label ritual that is traditionally fashioned for the "ambitious" ladies, however Spartanite is equal opportunities.

(If a man finds himself drawn to this ritual, he can also use it to get ahead in life - customization is available.)

People are against Hypergamy because they realise we live in an unfair world where by a woman's femininity and other charms - can take her extremely far in life. There is nothing wrong with a woman being hypergamous - by nature, woman seeks security and fancies, in a man. No where is this more evident in a world where attractive women get special treatment. 

(I should know, I used to be a model myself in my younger days)

Hypergamy Accelerator is a ritual curated for women who desire to be paid for - yet struggle not to understand how to "play the game" so to speak. This ritual creates a field that helps weed out prospective individuals who will not be suited to indulge and spoil you - by allowing you to spot them. 

It will make you extremely comfortable to be lavished by a wealthy generous man in order to receive. Many women struggle to receive due to self worth.

The only prerequisite for this ritual, is to maintain your appearance and image as much as possible. 

You deserve to be fully provided for, as a woman, and this ritual will only bring men in who are able to provide financially, mentally, and, emotionally for you. 

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