Destruction Galore


A private Black Label Ritual rarely ever publicly released, this ritual is a full scale hex-a-thon that will WIPE out your enemy. It even includes those who have paid for hire sorcerers working against you or someone who practices our line of work themselves.

We are living in a world where fucking up your enemy sideways, is necessary. People of today are utterly shameless and will spare no stone unturned to destroy your family, your livelihood, and, your life itself. 

Something horrendous and unforgiveable needs to have happened for me to open fire on the receiving target.

As a sorceress, I do not wait for karma - I am in the business of creating it.

I welcome narcissists, toxic families, criminals, rapists, mafioso, pedophiles, murderers, and, all types of twisted psychopaths as a receiving target this ritual for the pain they cause innocent people. 

You will not live your life crippled by those who destroyed it, and this ritual will not allow them to walk free.

Justice is NECESSARY.

On wards...

This hex combines a number of Spirits - including Belial and Azazel, and is custom designed. In the consultation, we will discuss your situation in depth and then formulate a plan to proceed - please make sure this person deserves what you're setting out to be because there is NO turning back. 

We do not turn cheeks at Spartanite, we smash them.

PS : The caveat for this ritual is you MUST purchase a consultation and I MUST know that the person is worth my time and energy to do such type of work...I do not indulge in petty requests and feuds. Take it to Facebook or Court, if you may.

Payment Plan Available - if required, please contact us to discuss.

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