King Clauneck Iron Mentoring Package

King Clauneck Iron Mentoring Package

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Begin your empowered money story with King Clauneck, Spirit of Wealth, Value, & Merchant Finance Tired of feeling being confused and having an unhealthy relationship with money?

Do you find yourself giving your power away only to feel beaten down? Exhausted of “experts” teach you how to “make more money and have a great life” yet still feel that something is missing, and it just never works for you?

Elevate with everything from Clauneck's Steel Programme in addition to three explosive rituals that include Clauneck's medallion set in Gold plated Brass to foster a personal connection with him, as well as Wealth Magnetism & Power Ritual to place you in a leadership position to command money.

This incredible done for you package includes the following:


  • A signed copy of WINNING - Create The Life You Deserve Through Charm, Magnetism, & Strategy
  • Keys to The Wealth Kingdom - A direct channel from King Clauneck on embracing your wealth consciousness
  • Channeling Clauneck - 5 questions petitioned to The King of Money, to improve your Monetary standing with follow up support


  • Clauneck's Medallion Ritual, to open the connection to him personally and knowledge of the Astral Bank Vault to access money in opportunities, circumstances, and deals
  • A POWER based ritual that focuses on infusing your aura with a STRONG charm and magnetism ensuring all eyes are on YOU in a room for explosive success
  • A WEALTH MAGNETISM ritual that accelerates your ability to possess the Keys to build an entire empire out of your life, in whatever shape or choice you desire. This will still require you to "do the work" however it will make attracting money to you simple, as it eliminates resistance