CELLULAR WEALTH - Restructure and REWIRE Your Wealth DNA for Bold Money Mastery

CELLULAR WEALTH - Restructure and REWIRE Your Wealth DNA for Bold Money Mastery

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You know you’ve got a money problem and you keep hitting the same limiting money wall but don’t know how to break through, you’ve:

  • Tried courses, audio programs, hypnosis, subliminals, 
  • Created vision boards said all the affirmations that are still yet to come true
  • Paid thousands of dollars in marketing and advertising fees
  • Followed all the online gurus who’ve made it look so easy with little to show
  • Invested in expensive coaching and mentoring programs that go nowhere
  • Done so much “energy work” yet you still feel so drained and tired
  • Seen all the online hype with people offering a quick fix
  • Thrown lots of money hoping something will stick, only to be disappointed
  • Worked your ass off, but at great personal expense to your health and relationships that you're tired, disconnected and feel burnt out
  • Worked long hours or taken on low paid roles but still seem to come up short
  • Reached rock bottom and you can’t work out why nothing’s working for you
  • Got to a point you’re afraid to even feel the sensations in your own body
  • Done the grind, hustle, push, shove, and tried to show up boldly however still fail to have the ease you desire

Are you ready to receive the help to transform your life? 

Not everyone is.


Are you bold enough to step up to what you want and deserve? 

Change is never easy, it's scary and this is not a quick fix or get rich quick scheme. It's not for everyone. 

But for those ready for the EROTIC PULSE OF TRUE BOLD MONEY MASTERY, I am here for you and want to see you thrive and win.

Cellular Wealth works through

  1. Releasing trapped ancestral emotional blockages types of emotional loss, shock, failure, unworthiness, hopelessness, shame
  2. Eliminating and healing hidden trauma and emotions from your energy body
  3. Polishing and cleansing your sacral chakra which is your creativity and money making core lie
  4. Breakthrough your invisible money wall that keeps you stuck
  5. Restructure the cellular systems and repair your damaged money DNA & RNA systems
  6. Rewire your money blueprint from the inside out to magnetize wealth
  7. Freeing you to receive your financial birthright and abundant opportunities
  8. Enabling you to turn your affirmations into meaningful declarations 
  9. Expanding your money containers so you can bring and keep more money
  10. Upgrading your internal money operating systems
  11. Shifting your internal compass from scarcity and lack to abundance, true value and lifelong worth
  12.  Allowing you to free your heart to Divine Love and through this thread, bring in the best financial experiences
  13. Build the core of true Steel Slat empowered confidence that allows you to ask and receive the best
  14. Making you show up with boldness, courage, vigor, and COMMAND to get you noticed and FAST
  15. Unlocks your birthright financial and powerful sexual command in a way that you become magnetic for all your desires.



Achieve a healthy, empowered relationship with money

Approach money with new vigor, power, and confidence!

Increase your self worth & self-discipline

Empower you to see the world from a winning wealth mentality

Fortify your resolve to ask for what you’re truly worth

Feel secure, stable, and balanced with your financial decision making

Feel the strength and command of Divine Love attracting the best opportunities

Enjoy the path ahead filled with clarity and financial magnetism


Are you ready to step up claim your birthright?