If you have tried everything to shed those pesky pounds - all the exercise and diet isn't cutting it, this ritual is perfect for you. Designed to increase your leptin levels as well as motivate you to exercise in a manner suitable for you (the gym life ain't for everyone!), Ideal Weight Now is the best bet to slim down a size rapidly to help you fit into that outfit you have to, for that special occasion.

This ritual works over a period of time and allows you to naturally shed any excess water weight as well as slim you down to a healthy and attractive size. It will encourage you to pursue a healthy lifestyle and give you a svelte and confident look to your body and frame.

There is a layer for this working to work on your mind, to shed any cravings, old habits, and, desires to life unhealthily and pursue junk. Your mind will feel freshened and cleansed - ready to look and feel your best.

Ideal for those who understand body confidence is the seat of power.

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