Mr Black Label has always felt a sense of internal loneliness. From a very young age, he looked around and didn't find another boy like him. He knew there was something unique, special, different to him.

He felt more, he knew more, he looked more, he IS more. Command of cognition, mental power, showmanship, capacity, dominance, languages, boldness, and, charm - he knows he is the ultimate polymath.

Mr Black Label - you are different because you are not of this world.

That has been your challenge. You have never had a playbook to guide you along, taking you to the VERY top of society, something you have desperately sought to find. You've found financial success as you are an intelligent man - however you want something that recognizes you for what you TRULY are.

...And because you're so YOURSELF - a whole god within a male human body, most men drip with envy when they look at you. Many words are thrown about you - the alpha, this and that. However, you're ALL and everything men desire to be.

You are our Black Label man. We love you dearly because you're special (and you know it deep inside)

Pulled straight from the Black Label Mentoring Line as a standalone experience, or the first step before the mentoring itself - this 6 month working will unlock your highest apex potential as a man - providing you unparalleled levels of occult power, social standing, opening channels of wealth - irrespective to what you have come from.

You will move upwards in this world in command and rank - things just fall into place for you the way the continents would smash together to create a floor for you to walk on.

Welcome home to yourself.

- If you are a lady reading this and want to attract a Mr Black Label into your life, you are also welcome to invest in this as it will reshape what you desire in a man and move it into a higher caliber.

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