Purson is not mentioned much and many other Goetics take precedence over him. Now is his time to shine!

However, Purson is absolutely overlooked for his ability to increase manipulative intelligence as well as money. Atypically, it is always Hermes that is accredited to this - however Purson is equal in rank in that area.

In the Tarot - the 7 of Swords is seen as one of the shadiest cards. People often look uneasy when it is pulled by the querent.

A card of deceit, sleight of hand, trickery, and, master manipulation.

Most see this as extremely negative however it is a necessary skill to possess as a Black Label Man. This world is of fang and claw and this working with Purson increases your mental agility and mind dexterity to navigate "on ground" situations.

You will often not have time to think and that is the point of this working, over time - your mind spots what is coming ahead and makes the necessary provisions to eliminate the threat approaching you.

This working works one of 2 ways.

- It makes you extremely persuasive and convincing, whether you are telling the truth or not. It is no surprise that most people are easily led into illusions and facades that do not really exist. Often a time, with the type of lifestyle you live, - you will be required to employ and deploy this specific skillset.

- On the other hand, it protects you from people doing it to you. You will be able to spot manipulation very fast from others and disengage It will provide you skills of evasion, espionage, power, cunning, sharp intelligence, multilingualism, and, martial combat. You will likely take these up to train in to complement this working.

You will possess gifted intellect as well as have Purson guide you along to spot the "loopholes of life" to take full advantage of.

Purson is incredible when it comes to people who are mentally sharp and it is his honour to offer this working exclusively at Spartanite.

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