Inspired by the Goetic SCORPION KING HIMSELF, BELIAL. 


A Scorpion, little as it may be, is deadly and revered for it's dangerous ability to defend itself. We live in a world where YOU may be the only thing that is getting in your own way of having the presence, fortitude, and, strength to BOLDLY claim ALL that is RIGHTFULLY YOURS. Don't leave your self-image and how you see yourself, in the hands of those who may wish to tarnish it further...

The quality of your life, is determined by TWO things. 



Without little surprise, most people are lacking in BOTH. Confidence is how you show up in life, a certain sense of FEARLESSNESS, Esteem is how you expect to be treated, with, respect, value, and, LOVE.

If you know that you could do with more of unshakeable confidence and holding your head up high to only expect the best without second guessing yourself, this listing is for you. No one is going to come and give you power and the "fight within" that a Scorpion is known for. 

This listing is for those who are READY to want to claim their full power WITHIN *30 days, opening doors as fast as a VIPER SNAKE can move and knowing their confidence and esteem, is a shield against all things that wish to harm, hurt, and, drain you. This working will allow you to create powerful presence in your own life.

It would be a shame if you're the only person blocking your OWN success. 

Let this working handle all the places you didn't know you could shine in.


Let the Scorpion King help you be the best you can be.

*This is time release magick and you will be filled with hope, optimism, confidence, strength, vigor, and, a fresh LET'S GET it attitude mixed with respecting and treating yourself regal as well as people treating you that way, equally.

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