You were born different to any other man you know. You didn't know how you are different, however you are. Every other man felt a bit too "mortal" for you. You are a human god and King Paymon recognises this in you.

With this working, you will command Throne Power. A power so unique to you, even passersby will acknowledge the King within you.

The challenge with Imperial Throne energies, is many men possess money yet lack presence in bold sexy power. There are few role models of healthy balanced masculinity, so they revert to machismo.

Even if they have power, it is not respected from a healthy place. It is done from fear.

With this unique piece of art chosen by you, you will be able to receive the most brilliant energies of Paymon's lavish Imperial Power.

Your ability to be a human Infernal royalty and align with luxury and nobility in your soul.

Rising as your own celebrity, with charm, eloquence, alchemical understanding of money, this working is a unique crown replete with 3 rituals.

Ideal for the Black Label man who desires to drink from the seat of Paymon's Power.

Paymon knows your riches keep you mortal.

His aim is to garnish your inner royalty.

Meet him at the Imperial gates.

He awaits you.

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