Sometimes you come to a crossroads and find yourself not being able to break patterns, cycles, toxic things in your family and any type of generational curses places on you, knowingly or unknowingly in your life. 

These cycles often stop you, hold you back, and you fear you will turn into a toxic parent, or the pain they left you with -- not to mention the guilt and shame around it. This rite also will restore you for ALL you have lost in your life, especially your happiness that was stolen and robbed from you from individuals who are nefarious, evil, and, simply hurt you for their own selfish gain.

This incredible ritual is ALSO used to permanently break ties with EVERY narcissist/psychopathic abuser known to you. The very first time I performed this for myself, I cleaned up the wax and the plate instantly cracked into 3 in my hand. The next day, 3 people dropped out of my life, giving me breathing room and peace again.

You will clean your slate as Fiji water clear, and be able to finally begin a NEW life for yourself the way I did, free from pain, abuse, trauma, and, sorrow. You will be neutral to the memories, instead learning from them and finally being at peace with your past.

This is IDEAL if toxic situations run in your bloodline family and/or you desperately want to end your ties to abusers, equally. 

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