Hot Wiring - is a Spartanite concept and one that evokes tremendous success in all areas of life.

This hot wiring is specifically for when you want to uplevel your life deeply without the drama, hesitation, and, mental gymnastics of living how the wealthy live - without the impostor syndrome, stress, and, often frustrated envy that comes along with people who are "living that life".

Look, you deserve to be successful.

You didn't come to this world, to pay bills and die.

....AND furthermore, just watch everyone else live it up. It can take being born into a wealthy family, marrying into it, as well as, somehow "working hard" to get there.

Let's face it.

Even after becoming successful, old habits die VERY hard. 

What WEALTH AND OPPORTUNITY DO is take everything healthy you have seen the wealthy do, and place it in your field. Soon what YOU considered "rich" living will become normal for you. I want to make clear what rich living is, is different for everyone based on the level you're at. 

This is an incredibly powerful uplevel that INTERNALLY raises your bar to see luxury places, meals, transportation, clothing, realty, and, living as your normality and not something outside your field.

It uses the leverage of your torus field, infusing it with golden light and eliminating any insecurity. It boosts wealth consciousness and receptivity to all things high vibrational.

Ideal for those who do not have another 5 years to wait for their success and desire the internal rewiring within 90 days. 

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