Clauneck's Invocation of Luck & Command


An exquisite AND **SPECTACULAR jewellery piece that will help you invoke Clauneck to open wealth and money opportunities.

Clauneck is the spirit of wealth, commerce and business domains and the Astral Accountant and Keeper of the Spirit Treasury. Being a Virgo, he is meticulous with numbers, organisation and structure. Many people require these traits to get ahead in life and he is more than willing to help you…

(are you willing to help yourself?)

Owning this special piece, you will inherit a POWERFUL perspective of how he conducts business, commercial and non-commercial. Your life will fall into order and you will be sharp and ontop of things with his invocation.


As a business owner you will become perceptive and laser focused, paying attention to detail and nuance with running a very organised and tight ship. You will build up your command to keep up with your industry’s trends. Your psyche will be single-minded and you will achieve your goals effortlessly and with his mighty power.

As a member of an organisation, you will become razor sharp and resourceful with your career and the tasks you’ve been given. People will begin to recognise your talent and astuteness, including your peers and superiors. You will be the to-go person and Clauneck will lend you an air of dignity and competence that you will revel in, naturally. 

**This is a UNISEX Crystal piece that you will receive in the mail. Invocation pieces have a simple rite to perform for activation

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