The standalone one half of our exclusive flagship Black Label Mentoring, Black Label Underworld opens you up to the magickal and spiritual underworld.

A full initiation with the Spirits of the Qlippoth (Qlifa) including Belial and Arachnidia Lilith, it will open you up for a complete destiny facelift.

You will become the most superior version of yourself imaginable at any level - financial, mental, sexual, extramental, social, political, influential, physical, neurobiological, emotional, cerebral ,and, intellectual.

Things will come to you themselves, people will approach you for the biggest projects, campaigns, social events - and the right influential people will drop out of the sky for you. You will feel charged, motivated, enhanced, and, strong to blaze through and crush any obstacles that stand in your way - to achieve the destiny you came to this planet for.

Many people have the incorrect belief the Qlifa is something "evil" and only diabolical workings can be created through it. This is far from true as an Initiate myself.

The Qlifa will give you superhuman level of understanding and a seat of royal power above ANYTHING mortal ever witnessed. People will immediately understand to respect you and you will witness your life change beyond comprehension.

You will come to find majority of the people you were once around, simply fall out of your vibration thus your life and your new found power will mean you cannot relate or connect to most. This is a disclaimer provided before you invest in this as your world will rearrange yourself.

Only for the bold and daring looking to go beyond the borders of what is required of them in this lifetime.

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