A Black Label Special on reconnaissance and magickal counter - surveillance , this is a spiritual consultation and working designed for self- protection and to spy on the enemy, creating incomprehensible destruction if needed.

Many people hire cybersecurity firms that provide them with physical security as well as surveillance . As a man of means, positioned well in society, HNW, UHNW - you've got all those measures in place. This working provides risk management to allow yourself and your family to be safe at all times.

This working begins with a consultation to discuss your situation, where you feel a threat from, and, the duration. The working performed combines protection for yourself at all times with Spiritism as well as FULL information on your enemy, their physical and spiritual workings against you - as well as a full "art of war" plan to crush and destroy their rank against you, your business(es), and, your life.

Success always attracts haters, losers, and, those who want you out of the way. As a Black Label man, never underestimate how far someone will go and how much money they will spend to have you eliminated.

Never leave an enemy to chance.

Ideal for men in the political, business, entertainment, investment, and, wealth based influential circles.

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