As Mr Black Label, you're ready to crack the next level - mentally.

This world does not create for much mental stimulation when you possess advanced levels of cognition, leaving you in a state of inertia, boredom, lethargy, tiredness, and, depression.

Many people will mistake this for you requiring a vacation, some time to yourself, or, some other personal matter they do not wish to comprehend. This is far from the truth.

The truth is you have High IQ and superior commands of intelligence. This working opens the "genius" part of your brain by saturating it in nerve growth factor allowing you to absorb incredible amounts of information at light speed.

You are only as good as the last project and as a man who is a world citizen, it is imperative your mind is constantly sharp and fresh. This will create extreme calculation and speed in the mind, allowing you to circumvent and navigate any situation that comes your way, without hesitation or fear.

You will enjoy learning new languages, playing new instruments, and, your mind will be razor sharp. You will amaze, stun, scare, arouse, impress, and, confuse people.

Get ready to have the ride of your life.

Because winners never lose.

You have extramental on your side.

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