Belial's initiation is not for the faint hearted and not for those who are looking for the easy way out.

King Belial demands absolute respect and commitment to your spiritual and magickal ascension no matter what may come. If you say you want something and you involve BELIAL, you better be ready to go the distance. This initiation is life changing and will help you in the areas of :

- Providing advanced levels of cognition and skillsets in both the worldly and spiritual sense

- Over time, lending you to be an expert to work with him on all matters

-Increasing your magickal abilities, knowledge, and, ability to open your extra senses to shape your destiny.

- See the world from an incredibly different perspective; wisdom from strange angles and unique ways to solve problems through non-linear, lateral, and, extramental thinking that comes to you in seconds.

- Possess drive, might, and, unstoppable power to achieve all your goals

- Be a dominant bold man, a fearless leader other men look up to.

- Have Belial in your court advising and guiding you to not only reach the top echelons, however maintain your position. You will have an otherworldly influence in all your work, lending you that special edge most men search for all their life

-Your natural masculine speed will increase and people will feel your manly energies as a strong pillar, one to be respected with a touch of fear.

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