THE ROLODEX : Long Term Asset Protection & Investment Enhancement


You can never be too careful when it comes to what you own, plan on owning, and, possessing the strength to dream big; in a world filled with chaos. 

Jealousy and envy is a disease that runs rampant even in the most unsuspecting of faces.  Wealth demands protection, and a type of protection that ensures that someone doesn't make off with your stuff, and what you have worked so hard to create and attain for yourself. This working safeguards your lofty visions, ideas, and, your special brand of genius that you bring to the world.

Using the Olympic Spirit Angel Bethor that rules over JUPITER, and the infamous, Lady Duchess Bune, from the Goetia, in conjunction, you will be flooded with new ideas on how to preserve the money you have brought in, will bring in, and put it towards a healthy usage for you, through connections and self-determination,

Bethor will grant you with the Strength of protection and abundance - ensuring you consistently think at a high frequency of money acquisition, wealth consciousness, and plan for your future -- instead of frivolous pleasures.

Ideal for Entrepreneurs, Investors, Stockbrokers, Traders, Business Owners, Property Developers, Realtors, and anything that requires you to possess long term savviness over your finances.

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