Predator Shield Bracelet


Predators are everywhere. We live in a world chock filled with evil and people who are looking to prey on your kindness, generosity, and happiness. Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Psychopaths are on the increase in a society laden with greed and avarice. The untold financial, mental, and emotional damage these monsters cause, can take years to repair. You often end up broken, destroyed, and with severe mental and physical health issues and worst of all, susceptible to more abuse as sharks tend to approach those who openly bleed. Keeping predators at bay, is a challenge at best.

You will be able to identify a predator and flush them out of your energies with speed, grace, and practice damage control to your energies. Predators will not be able to stay around you with this bracelet by your side, providing you complete immunity and strength to be protected at all times. Should you work with one, or it is a relative, they will be forced to be extra nice to you against their will, as a form of your protection. Predators will feel exceptionally uncomfortable in your energies and the attached warning bell that comes with this blocker, will sound for you, in your intuition — allowing you to make a fast exit, if necessary.

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