You know your life is demanding. 

Men are under attack by design, from all angles. 

One of the first places, is your SLEEP.

They do not want men who are strong, well-rested, and, can fight back. This is a direct attack on your masculinity.

It’s been days, even weeks since you’ve slept soundly and you know it. You’re sleeping pattern, a mess, you've resorted to all types of things like taking Melatonin and the times you do manage to sleep were restless and draining. You’re tired, grouchy and irritable and everyone notices. 

You wish you could just sleep peacefully.

This *shot disables electronic frequencies (EMF) that interfere with the REM sleep cycle, allowing your energy body to soothe it's frayed senses and allow you to sleep peacefully. It also heals you emotionally creating peace and tranquility, fast.
*Shot can be taken multiple times, for as long as you desire.

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