The colour of money, is not green, contrary to popular belief. 

It is not even gold.

It is BLACK. 

Black is the real colour of wealth, and this is a popular understanding of Occult Colour Magick that many people miss out on.

Even those who consider themselves successful. 

Black, is the colour of elite money, and many Centurion cards, are Black. Black is what is KNOWN in ritual work, to attract wealth with it's own merit of protection.

Although, atypically black gold, is known to be OIL, this rite will rip open the entire fabric of time and space to bring you what it is YOU WANT from your business. It will provide you with the traditional SPIRIT of Entrepreneurship, itself.

Bigger contracts, better higher paying clients (who love you!), exponential deals that fall out of the sky, and most importantly -- THE WISDOM, to not only handle it all, but to hedge & protect it.

When you are blessed with opportunity and reward, many people can go off the rails with their money. They begin throwing it around stupidly and do not behave sensibility with it. The beings of this rite will instill a sense of grounded control within you when you begin moving upwards, so you're able to handle all things that fall apart, to allow better situations to fall together. Expect many things to leave your life, once this is performed as they would have been the very things that would have held you back. 

This rite is encouraged for those who KNOW what they want, and are NOT afraid of HARD WORK to achieve it. 

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